Austin Auto Maintenance Service

Keeping up with your vehicles maintenance is easier than you might think. Your owner's manual will always have a maintenance guide for your vehicle as recommended by the manufacturer. We also have software that keeps track of every car's recommended maintenance, but if you want to keep it simple you can follow these general rules:

  1. Synthetic Blend Oil Changes Every 5,000 miles
  2. Rotate tires and replace air filter with oil change every 15,000 miles
  3. Every 30,000 miles each manufacturer recommends different services depending on the vehicle.

We also recommend a fuel injection service at this point also. Having your vehicle service done with us at regular intervals allows us to keep your vehicle up to date and avoids the confusion and extra expense of multiple shops performing different services. If you need an oil change, call us and we can have you in and out as quick as anyone-without the constant up sells and unnecessary work performed at the quicky shops.

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